Fix JPEG File Header

Being a smart user you often come across a situation that your hard drive shows the stored JPEG image but whenever you tries to access them, your request got denied with annoying error messages. This sort of disaster usually caused due to the problem in header part of JPEG files. As, the header file is considered the most essential part of any image or video files which contain all the information such as the storage location of file, type of file, its size, access time, etc. So, when there is a problem in the header part, then none of the JPEG file is going to respond. But, now you don’t have to be worried! As you reached to the right place where you get a complete guide to fix JPEG file header. But, before that let’s have a look at the reasons that are responsible for JPEG header file corruption.



Reasons for JPEG File Header Corruption

  • Due to severe virus attack.
  • Sharing of files over unsecured network.
  • Using corrupted or damage external storage media.
  • Capturing images while battery gets low.
  • Problem with system files.
  • Forced interruption of the copying process.
  • Failure of Windows sector.

All the above mentioned factors are the probable causes for JPEG file header corruption. Due to which users fail to view their stored images. Apart from that, users also have to face some annoying error messages like “file not found”, “Invalid JPEG header”, “file format not supported”, “problem with header part”, etc. which really makes your way even more irritating.

Way to Fix JPEG File Header

An advance and reliable method to rescue JPEG file header is to make use of sophisticated JPEG recovery software. The tool has been powerfully developed to rescue every sort of situation related to JPEG files. So, no matter whatever the reasons are behind the emergence of JPEG header file corruption, one can easily fix it by using JPEG recovery software. So, without any delay lets make use of it and see the result at your hand. Furthermore, the toll also offers advanced graphical interface and well supported on both Windows as well as Mac OS X.

Steps to Use JPEG Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and install JPEG recovery software.

Step 2. Select the drive from which the stored image gets deleted and then click on Start Scan option.

Step 3. Now, select the required image like JPEG, GIF, PNG etc.  for recovery and then hit Start Scan button.

Step 4. Wait till the scanning gets overred.

Step 5. After that, a list of scanned file are displayed. Form that select the file that you want to restore.

Step 6. Finally, select the location to save the recovered JPEG files.



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