How to Repair Corrupt Jpeg Image File

Photos have now become integral part of everyone’s life. As, it allow us to memorize our past moments and to get cheered up!. Now, to boost your way, various types of smartphone and digital camera are now in the market. Using which you can captured all your glorious moments in a hassle free manner. Further, the photos that you capture are generally saved in the jpeg format which is a container file that holds the image as well as the related information. The pictures are initially stored in the memory card and later it can be transferred to different devices for editing and sharing. You can also convert these photos in hard copies. But what if the jpeg image file has been corrupted and you are unable to perform any action on it. These images could be your favorite and you surely don’t want to lose them. So now you must be searching how to repair jpeg image file. The cause of corruption are many but the results are the same which is inaccessibility of the jpeg image. Some of the known reasons are listed below and also you will find a perfect solution to repair corrupt image file.



Reasons for JPEG File Corruption

  • Interruption at the time of capturing photo like device shut down or error, low battery.
  • Any disruption while transferring the file to another storage media.
  • Virus infection in the storage media where it is saved.
  • The corruption can also be caused because of the bad sectors in the hard drive or the hard drive error.
  • If you are editing an image and the application shows error in between or crashes then the file can get corrupted.

When the file has been corrupted you should first look for the backup of the file that are lost. You can search the system hard drive external storage media, internet and other sources. But if you are unable to get a fresh copy you can use the jpeg image recovery software to repair and restore corrupted jpeg file back in the system. It is quite powerful yet simple software that can easily fix the corrupted jpeg image and restore it at your specified location. You just have to scan the drive where it is stored and you can see them in the preview. Select the desired ones and the software will repair them without losing any quality of them. Just download the software and use it for complete jpeg recovery.

JPEG Image Recovery Software: User’s Guide


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