JPG Photo Recovery: How to Fix JPEG Image Header

JPEG is one of the most famous format of image which can be easily accessed on any operating system. Today this picture format has been used by numerous people due to amazing picture quality. Therefore it is important to keep them safe and secure, but JPG files are sensitive too and prone to corruption due to various reason. Once it get damaged then you may get different unexpected error messages on your screen. Among them JPEG Image Header is one common unwanted error message which you have to fix as soon as possible because only after that you can retrieve JPEG files in its original format. Apart from that there could also be some other error messages which can be seen by users and they are listed below.

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Frequent Error Messages

If you are also getting such type of errors then it is advised to fix JPEG image header as soon as possible and get back your lost pictures. Before going to know the best and most suitable way to complete this task, let us know the possible reasons due to that you get such types of error messages.

Causes of JPEG File Corruption

  • Due to improper handling of memory card.
  • When card get affected by severe virus.
  • If you have removed storage media when card is in working mode.
  • When card get corrupted logically.
  • If your memory card become physically damage.

In above mentioned situation your stored JPEG image header will get damage and photos become inaccessible. In this situation, if you have backup copy of lost pictures then you can restore them but if you do not have any backup then it is necessary to use JPEG Recovery Software to recover broken JPG files and image header.

Best Way for JPEG Recovery After Header Corruption

If you to retrieve JPEG files in its original format without any loss then it is recommended to try JPEG Recovery Software as it is most suitable and reliable tool available in this segment. It has all new features required to restore corrupted or lost JPEG images in its original format. Using the tool you can scan your damaged or corrupted storage device and get preview of recoverable jpg files. After that software will also facilitates you to save them at your desired location. Apart from JPEG recovery, you can also retrieve deleted or lost audio and video files in its actual format. The tool is compatible with Mac as well as Windows operating system hence you can conveniently get back your important jpeg images from memory card, SD card, USB drive, system hard disk and other external drives. It has user friendly GUI, hence a non technical user can also launch the tool to recover damaged JPEG files in hassle free manner.

User Guide for JPEG Recovery Software

Step 1. Download and Launch JPEG Recovery Software on your system.

Step 2. Now select your drive from where you want to JPEG files back and then press Start Scan button.

Step 3. After scanning you will get preview of recovered images.

Step 4. In this step you have to specify your region for your drive.

Step 5. Here you should select required file type for complete JPEG recovery.

Step 6. Now you can create sector by sector images for your storage drive.

Step 7. In this step you are advised to choose the specific range.

Step 8. Now restart recovery process from last point.

Step 9. At last save all recovered images at your desired location.

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